My Barnes Family ancestry wends its way back to Thomas Barnes of Hartford, Connecticut through Thomas and his second wife, Mary Andrews and their son, Ebenezer and his second wife, Deborah Orvis and then through Thomas Barnes and Hannah Day; Phineas Barnes and Phebe Bement; Lemuel Barnes, Sr. and Rebecca Bement; and Lemuel Barnes, Jr. and his wife Polly Reed. David Benona, son of Lemuel Barnes, Jr. and Polly Reed, married Sarah Ann Andrus. This page is devoted to David Benona (or Benonia David) Barnes and his family. My family (**) descends from David and Sarah's daughter, Martha Rosette Barnes, b. 20 July 1844 who married Job Robards Crandle in 1865. Additional notes on David Benona Barnes.

Below is an article written by Marlea Rice Warren which is an account of Benonia David Barnes and his family. Marlea is a descendant of Benonia David and Sarah's son, John Marshall Barnes.

"The family of Benonia David Barnes, b. 16 Apr 1816, descends from the English immigrant, Thomas Barnes, one of the first settlers of Hartford, CT and his second wife, Mary Andrews through their son, Ebenezer and his second wife, Deborah Orvis. Thomas' first wife, Mary, was executed for witchcraft in Hartford in 1662.

Lemuel Barnes, Sr. moved from Connecticut to West Stockbridge, Mass. before the American Revolution and served in the Continental Army. In 1804 he moved his family to Virgil, Cortland County, NY. Lemuel Barnes, Sr. died in 1821 in Cortland County, NY.

Presumably Benonia David (also called David Benona) had moved from Virgil to Bradford County by 1840. In February 1841 he married Sarah Ann Andrus (daughter of Abijah and Sally Andrus). They raised their 17 children in the Canton area, 16 of whom grew to adulthood and had families except James who was killed by a stagecoach near Ogdensburg, Tioga County, and Rebecca who was 'buried in her wedding dress on the day she was to have been married.' Most of the children remained in the Canton area except for Polly who went to Kansas City, Missouri; Aaron, a railroad conductor who lived in Elmira, NY, and Charles who lived near Endicott, NY. Many of the descendants still live in the Canton area. Benonia David Barnes died 5 March 1901 and is buried in the East Canton Cemetery, Canton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Benonia David, his wife, parents and a brother, Simeon Perry Barnes, are buried in the East Canton Cemetery."

The children:
1. Polly Malissa, b. 27 Oct. 1841, d. 18 Nov. 1905, m. Nathan VanCamp
2. Benjamin Franklin, b. 28 June 1843, d. 20 Jan 1909, m. Harriet Hoose 4 Sept 1865
3. Martha Rosette, b. 20 July 1844, d. 18 July 1905, m. Job Robards Crandle 5 March 1865**
4. James Augustus, b. 10 March 1846, d. 15 July 1874
5. John Marshall, b. 2 Jan 1848, d. 8 April 1924, m. Louisa Manderville December 1869
6. Aaron Phineas, b. 5 Nov. 1849, d. 12 Aug. 1917, m. 1) Sara Turner, 2) Elisabeth Ledemann
7. Benonia David (Little Davey), b. 12 Jan 1851, d. 28 July 1916, m. Emma Miles 26 Nov 1871
8. Ellen Elzina, b. 17 May 1852, d. 11 May 1927, m. Elias Savacool
9. Rebecca Delilah, b. 29 May 1854, d. 18 Apr. 1878
10. Joseph Stephen, b. 1 May 1856, d. 27 March 1932, m. Frances Campbell
11. Henry Alonzo, b. 20 Aug. 1858, d. 15 May 1894, m. Kate Trout
12. Murray Lemuel, b. 3 June 1860, d. 9 July 1861
13. Margaret Ann, b. 29 Nov. 1861, d. 16 Aug. 1899, m. Fred Ross Stalter
14. Charles Robert, b. 17 June 1864, d. 5 Aug. 1934, m. Lois Morris
15. Jennie Rachel, b. 13 Jan. 1866, d. 25 Feb. 1893, m. Clinton Hicks
16. Clarence Merritt, b. 26 June 1868, d. 2 Dec 1946, m. Millie Butler
17. Carrie Mae, b. 26 June 1868, d. 30 Apr. 1895, m. Elmer Whitman

By Marlea Rice Warren, great granddaughter of John Marshall Barnes and Louisa Manderville Barnes, May 25, 1995.

David and Sarah
David Barnes and
Sarah A. Barnes

David Benona Barnes
David Benona Barnes

BD Barnes Children
B.D. Barnes Children

More BD Barnes Children
More B.D. Barnes Children

M Rosette Barnes
Martha Rosette Barnes taken 1860

Photo Credits:

  • David and Sarah Barnes, from Bob Webster
  • David Benona Barnes, from Marlea Rice Warren
  • Nine children: John Marshall, Charles, Clarence, Joseph, Dad, Little Davey, Unknown, Ellen, Unknown, Unknown, from Marlea Rice Warren
  • Children in next photo: Standing: John Marshall, Benjamin, Aaron, Joseph; Sitting: Ellen, Clarence, from Marlea Rice Warren
  • Martha Rosette Barnes, taken in 1860 at age 16 years, photo contributed by J.B. Wilson

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