Photos of Finns from Deep River, Washington

The photos listed below were given to Martha, Bessie, and Jennie Puskala of Deep River, Washington circa 1911-1919. The identifying names and notes on the back of the photos have been transcribed as close to correctly as I can read them. Click on the name of the photo to retrieve it.
Anderson, Andy with Bill Johnson
Anderson, Arthur to Jennie, Jan 5, 1916
Arvid Olson

Austin Rull to Martha Puskala, Sept. 28, 1917
Bentti to Martha Puskala
Buumala, Ernest to Bessie, Sept. 19, 1917, Confirmation School photo
Cooke, Lela

Miss Lela Cooke, Dec. 23, 1911, teacher, Deep River School.

Ellen to Jennie; two women in photo
Harju, Flora to Bessie Puskala, 1916
Harju, Mrs. to Bess Puskala, October 1918
Harju, Mrs. to Martha; two women in fur-trimmed coats
Jarve, Charlie  
Johnson, Bill with Andy Anderson
Kemppoinen-Frakki two men in photo, Kemppoinen & Frakki?
Keranen, Edward

"Sënnalin Bändin Buhaltaja"
(He may have been a horn blower in a band.)

Koski, Ida

to Bessie Puskala

Lillian to Jennie; two women in photo
Lindy, Marie to Bessie Puskala, 1916
Niemila, Elias

to Bess, Deep River Dance, Sept. 1919

Oman, Bessie & Ida from Ida to Wm. H. (Bill) Hendrickson?
Oman, Frank to Bess, Nov. 10, 1917
Paju, Helmi to Bess, 1919, confirmation class photo?
Pekuri, Andrew & Family Pekuri Family, Andrew, Anna, Signe & Fred
Pietola, Archie & Jack Archie & Jack Pietola, Frank Oman & Andy Anderson, Jan. 26, 1919; two photos
Rinttala, Tauno  
Silarla, Mrs. to Bessie Puskala, Apr. 13, 1917
Taskila, Mrs. to Bessie Puskala, March 18, 1917; the woman in the photo is in costume
Walter to Martha, Aug. 8, 1918; three men in the photo
Wirkkala, Francis 1916
Wirkkala, Otto & Lydia two wedding photos; one dated Dec. 30, 1917, the other dated Feb. 5, 1918
Wirkkala, Rose  
Emholt, Mr. & Mrs. To Bessie Puskala From Mr. & Mrs. Emholt; Wilson Studios, Astoria
Waglund, John S. John S. Waglund on the speeder.
Deep River School Kids With Teacher, believed to be Lena Dyer.
Deep River School Kids Closer View; believed to be a group from about 1914-1915
Deep River School Pupils Deep River School Pupils' List with teacher Lena F. Dyer, 1908
Deep River School Pupils Deep River School Pupils' List, possibly circa 1911.

Deep River Cemetery Transcription Summer 2000 by Judy Wilson, Ky Jennings & Mary Cornell.

Download a PDF document of the 2000 Cemetery Transcription.

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