Kangas Family
Our Kangas family originated in Pulkkila, Finland, Launola's Village #15.
Antti Antinpoika Viitanen Kangastalo married his second cousin, Maria Samuelsdotter Viitanen Makkonen in Pulkkila, Finland 18 July 1869. They had seven children, the youngest, Katharina died in 1885.
Download Antti Antinpoika Viitanen Kangastalo's pedigree sheet.
Download Maria Viitanen Makkonen's pedigree sheet.
Download a chart of Antti & Maria's children.
This is a copy of the Papin-Todistus from Pulkkila with their children's birthdates recorded.

Antti Kangastalo (1842-1914) & Maria Viitanen Makkonen (1845-1933)
Antti & Maria Kangastalo came to America in 1901 having been preceeded by all of their children. They came aboard the S.S. Cambroman of the Dominion Line. They arrived 2 June 1901 from Liverpool to Portland, Maine. They settled with their son, John/Juho Kangas in Embarrass, Minnesota, John having procured a homestead there. Maria Kangas was the only midwife in Embarrass. The nearest doctor was in Two Harbors. The doctor would say, “Go to Maria Kangas. She is a good midwife, and she will call me if she knows you need me.”
Maria was a proud lady, who prided herself on her soft hands with long fingers, presumably her human obstetric forceps. Maria is reputed to have disdained housework and fieldwork on the grounds of protecting her hands. Many of the children whom Maria brought into this world got together and bought all the furniture for Maria’s room. That’s why Maria’s room has the best furniture in the house.
Antti & Maria Kangas
Antti & Maria Kangastalo in Oulu with
Elisa "Bessie" Kangas & John Kangas.

Antti & Maria Kangas
Antti & Maria Kangas in
Embarrass, Minnesota.

Antti & Maria Kangas Gilbert MN
Antti & Maria Kangas in
Gilbert, Minnesota

Antti Kangas died 20 June 1914 in Embarrass, Minnesota at age 71 years. Maria Kangas died 11 March 1933 in Embarrass, Minnesota at the age of 87 years. They are both buried at the Embarrass Cemetery, Embarrass, Minnesota .

John & Elmiina Kangas
John/Juho Kangas (1869-1951) & Elmiina Seitäniemi (1873-1955)
History and Stories of John & Elmiina Kangas.

Majenpaa Family
Greta Sofia Kangas (1872-1946) & Matti Mäjenpää (1871-1929)

Matt & Lizzie Kangas
Matt Kangas (1874-1943) & Elizabeth Liisa "Lizzi" Sulkko (1882-1969)

Herman & Amanda Teppo
Maria Amanda Kangas (1877-1930) & Herman Teppo (1879-1922)

Ed & Bessie Wilson
Elisa "Bessie" Kangas (1883-1963) & John Edward Wilson (1883-1973)
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