Sereno W. Miner (1826 - 1870)

1. Sereno W. Miner was born 26 Nov. 1826 in Cornwall, Litchfield Co., CT. He was the son of Luther Miner, Sr. (1788 - 1861) and Nancy Moore (1790 - 1856). Sereno married (1) Mary E. Bliven, daughter of John Bliven (1799 - 1865) and Irena (Wells) Bliven (1803 - 1836). Mary E. Bliven was born 20 Feb. 1836. Sereno and Mary E. Bliven were married about 1854 in Chenango County, NY. They had one child, Mary or Mercy who was born and died in 1859. Mary E. (Bliven) Miner died 16 July 1859 and is buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Norwich, New York as is Sereno W. Miner. Download a copy of Sereno Miner Bible Page.

Sereno W. Miner married (2) Sarah Louise Williams 9 Sept. 1863. Together they had three children before Sereno died in 1870. The children were: John Berry Miner (11 Aug 1864 - June 1867); Frederick Weston Miner (5 Sept 1866 - 25 Apr. 1942); and Harriet "Hattie" Louise Miner (3 June 1869 - 19 June 1954). Sereno W. Miner died 9 March 1870 in Norwich, Chenango Co., NY. In the Probate of Sereno Miner's Estate filed 9 March 1870 in addition to his wife, Sarah Louise Miner, his brothers, Ezra H. Miner, Luther Miner, Mary Smith, Irene Bliven, and Caroline Bliven (Irene’s mother) are also mentioned.

2. Luther Miner, Sr. was born 27 March 1788 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. Luther Miner, Sr. was the son of Daniel Miner (1749 - 1816) and Mercy/Mary Denison (1749 -). He married Nancy Moore 7 Feb. 1813 in North Stonington, CT. Together they had five children: William D. (1814 - 1827); Ezra H. (1816 -); Luther, Jr. (1818 - 1875); Ann Eliza (1820 - 1824); and Sereno W. Miner (1826 - 1870). Luther Miner, Sr. died 7 Apr 1861 in Cornwall, Litchfield, CT; Nancy (Moore) Miner died 6 Jan 1856. They are both buried in the Cornwall Cemetery, Cornwall, CT.

3. Daniel Miner was born 21 June 1749 in Stonington, New London, CT. He was the son of Charles Miner and Mary Wheeler. Daniel Miner married Mary Denison, daughter of William Denison III and Prudence Denison, 19 Feb. 1769 in Stonington, CT. Together they had nine children: Mercy, Elsa, Martha, Prudence, Daniel, Wheeler, Darius, Luther, and Anna. Daniel Miner died 28 Sept. 1816; Mary Denison died 19 July 1749.

4. Charles Miner was born 22 Jan 1709 in Stonington, New London, CT. He was the son of James Minor (1682 - 1726) and Abigail Eldredge (1688 - 1720). Charles Miner married Mary Wheeler, daughter of Thomas Wheeleer and Mary Miner, 9 Dec 1740 in Stonington, CT. Together they had six children: Charles, Thomas, Christopher, Mary, Daniel, and Abigail. Charles Miner died 6 Nov 1786 in Stonington, CT; Mary (Wheeler) Miner married (2) Isaac Wheeler.

5. James Minor was born 9 Apr 1682 in Stonington, CT. He was the son of Ephraim Minor and Hannah Avery. James Minor married Abigail Eldredge 22 Feb. 1704/05 in Stonington, CT. She was the daughter of Daniel Eldredge and Mary Phillips. Together the couple had seven children: James, Charles, Daniel, Abigail, Freelove, Ann, and a daughter 13 Aug 1720. Abigail died in childbirth 13 Aug 1720 with the birth of the last daughter. James Minor married (2) Sarah Ayers, 6 May 1721. I have no children recorded from the second marriage. James Minor died 3 June 1726 in Stonington, CT.

6. Ephraim Minor was born 27 Apr 1642 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA. Ephraim Minor was the son of the early emigrant, Thomas Minor and Grace Palmer. Ephraim Minor married Hannah Avery, daughter of Capt. James Avery and Joanna (Greenslade) Avery, 20 June 1666 in Stonington, CT. Together the couple had sixteen children, six of whom died in childhood or infancy. Ephraim was one of the nine men who founded the church at Stonington in June of 1674. Ephraim Minor died 16 May 1724; Hannah (Avery) Minor died 22 Aug 1721, both in Stonington, CT. Both are buried in Taugwonk Cemetery, N. Stonington, CT.

7. Thomas Minor, the early emigrant, was born 23 Apr 1608 in Chew Magna, Somerset, England. He was the son of Clement Miner and Sarah Pope. Thomas married Grace Palmer, daughter of Walter Palmer and Elizabeth Ann Smith, 23 Apr 1634 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co, MA. Together the couple had ten children: John, Clement, Thomas, Ephraim, Joseph, Manasseh, Ann, Marie, Samuel, and Hannah. William Chesebrough, Thomas Stanton, Walter Palmer and Thomas Minor were the first settlers of European descent in Stonington, New London County, Connecticut (originally Southertown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts) beginning in the year 1649. Thomas Minor died 23 Oct 1690 in Stonington, CT; Grace (Palmer) Minor died 31 Dec 1690 in Stonington, New London, CT. They are both buried in the Wequetequock Cemetery in Stonington, CT.
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