Whether you are sending vacation pics to friends, or having your favorite scenes on your desktop, lets face it - having your photos in digital format is becoming increasingly handy. But how can you share all those pictures that are in a shoebox under your bed?!
The answer is to scan your old photos and burn them to a CD or DVD for preservation.

When scanning your photos be sure to scan them in TIFF format and at a high resolution of 300 dpi or greater. TIFF format is compatible on all computer platforms, i.e. Mac vs. PC. The smaller your photo the higher resolution you should use if you want to enlarge that photo to any degree. You should never scan a photo in jpg format that you want to archive or correct. That format is for e-mailing or posting low-resolution photos on the web. The photo will degrade appreciably as you work on it and will lose quality. Use TIFF format for scanning photos that you want to touch up, then save them as a separate jpg file for sending or posting on the web. Always keep an original scanned copy in a separate folder so that you don't inadvertantly work on it , save it, and lose your original.

After your photos are scanned and saved to CD or DVD you can share them with family members all over the world. You can also use photo enhancing programs to clean them up as I have shown in the Photo Touch-Ups section of this web page.

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